Piclo 2022 highlights
2022 was a year of expansion for Piclo as we saw the growth of our Piclo Flex marketplace to new international markets. We have also announced some exciting collaborations, developed milestone APIs and worked with new ways to highlight flexibility as an essential solution for all energy networks. Here is our 2022 in summary…


2022 presented a series of international and high-profile collaborations to set up new pan-regional flexibility markets. Marking a real turning point for Piclo, we can see how much energy networks are now seeking Piclo’s solutions to enable smart and flexible grid systems, worldwide. 


Our Piclo Flex marketplace is a product built by humans for humans. Scoping out feedback that can further develop the experience of the platform is critical to Piclo. We hold regular summits with our clients, lead user research sessions and hold in-person events to address the biggest challenges to participation. Throughout the busy year, our team of engineers and developers have been writing about their experiences, exploring lessons learnt, the demands of building a global product and why we’re at the centre of API innovation…

Earlier in the year, Project LEO celebrated a ‘key milestone’, with new APIs developed by Piclo, allowing a first fully automated flexibility procurement competition. 


In June, we held our first in-person event since the pandemic. ‘Growing DSO flexibility markets to reach net zero’, in collaboration with Electricity North West, SP Energy Networks and UK Power Networks, was held at Manchester’s esteemed Science and Industry Museum. Here, Flexibility Service Providers (FSPs) got the chance to meet and collaborate with leading network operators in the UK through a series of panel discussions and collaborative roundtable sessions. 

We also attended Distributech in Dallas, Texas and sponsored, exhibited and spoke at ENLIT


Earlier this year, we introduced The Flexibility Forecast, a video series exploring energy and flexibility market insights 2022 and beyond. Featuring special guests across the sector including UK Power Networks, Ofgem, ev.energy and many more, we have explored the likes of RIIO-EDS, data and digitalisation, secondary trading in the Capacity Market and short-term markets. Catch up on The Flexibility Forecast. 

The team have also released a whitepaper introducing Piclo Exchange titled Secondary trading in the Capacity Market, published several thought-leaderships including a look at the United States’ FERC Order No. 2222, and were talking all things Net Zero with Sara Sloman


At the start of the year, we were delighted to hear of our feature in the Global Cleantech 100, composed of leading tech companies committed to taking action on the climate crisis. We also celebrated shortlist nominations at Energy UK’s Young Energy Professionals Awards and won the Collaborative Excellence Award at the Utility Week Awards for contributions to Project LEO. 


From 29 Piclonauts at the start of the year to 60 by December, the team has been growing as we transition from start-up to scale-up. In reflection of Piclo’s growth, CPO Alice Tyler, shared their pathway to product design and lessons learnt

On January 31st, Piclo will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary. We want to extend our gratitude to all of our partners, collaborators and users for being a part of this journey. Keep up to date with flexibility and developments at Piclo by following us on Linkedin