The latest whitepapers and case studies from Piclo.

A new era for DER participation in energy markets? A look at the US FERC Order No. 2222

This thought leadership piece takes a look at PJM’s and ISO-NE’s Order No. 2222 proposals, what this means for DERs and the potential lessons learned from energy markets in the UK.
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Secondary trading in the Capacity Market: Introducing Piclo Exchange

This paper explores secondary trading in the Capacity Market and introduces Piclo Exchange as the single place to find, buy and sell contracts.
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Storage and EVs take the lead in £14million worth of awarded UK Power Networks flexibility contracts (2020)

This study looks at how storage and EVs take the lead in £14million worth of awarded UK Power Networks flexibility contracts on Piclo Flex.
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Value of Flexibility (2020)

This study looks at the value and whole-system impact of demand-side flexibility in a net-zero carbon energy scenario for the UK.
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Value of Centralised and Distributed Storage (2020)

Exploring the degree to which flexibility in general can reduce the need for investment in traditional solutions.
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Energy on Trial (2019)

Context and analysis of the pilot phase of our platform for trading flexibility online.
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Flexibility & Visibility (2019)

Opportunities for investment and innovation in the emerging flexibility marketplace.
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Local Grid Charging (2018)

Funded by Western Power Distribution to look into the benefits and challenges of implementing local grid charging.
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Peer-to-peer Trial (2016)

The findings from our original peer-to-peer energy trial in partnership with Good Energy.
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