E-REDES is the major distribution system operator in mainland Portugal. Serving 6.4 million customers and delivering 45TWh per year, E-REDES manages more than 230 thousand kilometres of high, medium, and low voltage lines while ensuring electricity supply to all consumers, with quality, safety, and efficiency.
76 MW
Capacity sought


November 8, 2023
First local flexibility competitions exciting results!
First local flexibility competitions exciting results!

We're thrilled to announce the successful results of Portugal's FIRST local flexibility competition on Piclo Flex!

The exciting results are:

  • There were 623 bids in the different service windows available.
  • 21 service providers showed keen interest in the 8 available opportunities.
  • An impressive 93% of registered assets actively participated, totaling 43 qualified assets.
  • A remarkable 36MW of energy distributed among 36 consumer facilities with direct participation.

To find out more about participating in future competitions please email flex-portugal@piclo.energy and register on Piclo Flex (Portugal).

July 27, 2023
E-REDES' competitions are now open for bidding on Piclo Flex!
E-REDES' competitions are now open for bidding on Piclo Flex!

We’re pleased to announce that E-REDES has opened the bidding process for the current competitions! 

If you don’t have an account yet

Register on Piclo Flex and upload your assets in order to qualify for ongoing and future competitions. If you need any guidance, please contact us.

If you have an account

Submit your bids
You can submit a bid if you have qualified assets for that competition.
If you don’t know if your assets are qualified please contact us.

Upload your assets
If you have not uploaded your assets yet, you can still do it to participate and qualify for the current bidding and in future competitions.
Please let us know if you have any questions or need some guidance.

Duration of the competition
Bidding opens on the 24th of July and it is expected to close on the 22nd of September.
During this period, you can continue uploading your assets to qualify for the competition.

We encourage you to upload them as soon as possible to have time to review your qualification and bid.

Additional information

Please review the documentation section and find any other additional information that could be of your interest on the E-REDES flexibility webpage

December 15, 2022
How can you contribute to develop a future flexibility market with E-REDES?
How can you contribute to develop a future flexibility market with E-REDES?
  1. We encourage all interested FSP’s to register an account on Piclo Flex.
  2. Once registered, FSP’s should upload any assets to the platform.
  3. E-REDES will upload flexibility opportunities to the platform as soon as they arise.
  4. It is predicted that flexibility procurement will start in Q2 2023 with live competitions opened for bidding.

If you have any questions regarding flexibility opportunities in E-REDES, please email flexibility@e-redes.pt

If you wish to contact E-REDES please email press@e-redes.pt