Northern Powergrid

Northern Powergrid manages the electricity network that powers everyday life for more than 8 million people across 3.9 million homes and businesses in the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire.


October 3, 2023
Northern Powergrid is calling for ~5 MW of flexibility between December 2023 & March 2024, and October 2024 & March 2025.
Northern Powergrid is calling for ~5 MW of flexibility between December 2023 & March 2024, and October 2024 & March 2025.

Northern Powergrid is looking for both demand turn-down and generation turn-up services.

Northern Powergrid will also shortly be calling for flexibility service providers to participate in its Autumn 2023 flexibility tender to provide flexibility between December 2023 & March 2024, and October 2024 & March 2025.

We have DSO flexibility opportunities on Piclo Flex now!

  • Flexibility is required across 13 locations
  • Earn up to £900/MWh depending on location

Additionally, Northern Powergrid is calling for expressions of interest from flexibility service providers to provider flexibility from Winter 2027/2028

  • Flexibility is required across 7 locations
  • Find out more about the opportunities on offer via the Piclo Map here as we have provided visibility of flexibility requirements per zone (location).

What next?

Step 1

If you’re new to Piclo Flex then create an account via this registration page. After an account has been created, we recommend FSPs upload applicable assets. Find out more about uploading assets on this page

Step 2

Qualification will open in the week of the 02nd October and FSPs will be required to complete our DPS/Company Qualification application from this date onwards until qualification closes on the 16th of October. Find out more about the DPS application on this page.

In the meantime, we're very happy to chat with FSPs so if you have any questions or would like to set up a 1-2-1 meeting with one of our team, email us at Email for help with setting up your account.

Current Tender Documents:

Autumn 2023 – Invitation to Tender – coming soon!

Autumn 2023 – Flexibility Services Contract – coming soon!

Northern Powergrid's competition boundary datasets can be found on the Piclo Data Hub

Supporting Documents:

Distribution Flexibility Services Procurement Statement 2023/24

For more information on Northern Powergrid’s flexibility activities:

Please visit our flexibility services website: Flexibility Services | Northern Powergrid

What service are we procuring?

Generation Turn Up – Sustain.

Demand Reduction – Sustain.

Can bids only be submitted from assets already connected?

We will consider bids from assets already connected and also from those in development. However, we are using these services to ensure network security, therefore during our bid assessment phase we will consider the validity and certainty of projects and may require development milestones within the Flexibility Services Contract.

Note: any asset would need to be available for testing at least one month prior to the first service window.

How will performance be monitored?

Performance will be monitored using meter data from meters at the site.

What are the metering requirements?

Each solution should have metering with half-hourly resolution or higher. Metering should meet the accuracy requirements of the relevant Code of Practice at the time of installation (

What will the baseline be?

There are a number of baseline options.

We will use a baseline methodology that is mutually acceptable to both us and the flexibility services provider.

Please refer to our baselining methodology and workbook which can be found here.

What revenues can I earn from participating?

The revenues vary by location. Please refer to individual competitions for location-specific information.

If you would like a face-to-face discussion:

We are happy to have face-to-face discussions with our flexibility services stakeholders. To arrange this or to ask for assistance with any queries relating to our procurement and use of flexibility services please email:

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Email us at to sign up to our mailing list.


We welcome feedback from all stakeholders. Please e-mail us at with any comments or questions.