Piclo Flex

Leading end-to-end marketplace for local flexibility

Established as the industry’s leading marketplace for local flexibility in six countries, Piclo Flex is the only commercially proven, end-to-end solution, for flex buyers (system operators) world-wide.

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Piclo Flex — The Leading Independent Marketplace for Flexibility Services

A cloud based platform and integrated service offering

Piclo Flex is a marketplace that supports SOs in the end-to-end process of procuring and operating flexibility. The platform is composed of a series of functional modules which SOs can subscribe to, based on flexibility needs and the required degree of process automation.

Our Marketplace-as-a-Service provides market engagement and customer support dedicated to delivering competitive flexibility markets.



Defined as the full procurement process including creating competitions, qualifying participants and bid acceptance.

Market Visibility: SOs can initiate competitions, advertise their flexibility needs and monitor FSP assets enrolled in the market.

Qualification: to participate there are two qualification requirements. A Dynamic Purchasing System for company qualification and an asset qualification process, whereby assets are automatically assessed on criteria including location and capacity. 

Bidding: FSPs submit bids within the defined procurement window (including long and short term markets). SOs can accept and reject offers.


The process leading up to the dispatch of the flexibility service.

Availability: SOs monitor asset availability up until the actual time of dispatch. SOs are notified of any changes and potential impact on contracts. 

Dispatch: dispatch instructions and scheduled messages are relayed between SO and FSP, providing confirmation of status on dispatch acceptance.

Market clearing: SOs easily decision bids against parameters such as price, capacity and grid location.


Offering post-dispatch measurement, verification of FSP services and invoicing upon confirmation.

Performance: verification according to contracted service using contracted obligations, meter data, asset baseline profiles and dispatch data.

Invoices: automatic calculations of self invoices as per performance reports.


A secondary trading marketplace that allows users to buy and sell existing flexibility contracts. The first secondary market active on Piclo Exchange is GB's Capacity Market.

List Agreements: FSPs can advertise contracts to sell within a set timeframe.

Bidding: FSPs submit bids to win contracts. Bids are accepted or rejected after the bidding window closes.


Market Engagement

We provide the education, recruitment and onboarding of FSPs to create market liquidity, including:

  • Proven engagement strategies to drive awareness and target FSPs
  • Dedicated resources to train and onboard FSPs
  • Access to our ecosystem of top international FSPs to build capacity rapidly

Customer Support

We provide both FSPs and SOs with a comprehensive customer service system including:

  • A dedicated customer success team 
  • In-app chat  
  • Self service help centre
  • Access to market industry forums

Process automation

Piclo is engineered for efficient integrations with ADMS, DERMS and other back-office DSO and FSP systems. 

Procurement APIs: streamlining the qualification and bidding process for SOs and FSPs.

Operations APIs: securely automating communication between OT systems and market entities.

Settlement APIs: simplifying the integration between metering and invoicing systems.

Piclo Flex is a commercially proven platform, trusted by leading SOs across the globe to transform their energy networks.

“We are working with Piclo because we want to develop a flexibility market that is accessible to DERs, providers, industry, communities and all other market participants”

Sotiris Georgiopoulos, Director of Distribution System Operator at UK Power Networks
UK Power Networks

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